The open garden days were a big success: In 3 days 2.500 visitors came to my exhibition ‘the cabinet’, people from all over Europe.In addition to the branch-drawings, cut-out leaves and printed stones, the installation: ’four stones, one death’, was the one that caused the most conversations …

– It is a pity that the black one in the shape of a heart is dead!
– If I jump here on the floor then the three move but that one does not!
– Do you mean the living stones from the Bible? Because stones are dead! (Join him, the living stone that was rejected by men but chosen by God for its preciousness, and also let yourself be used as living stones to build a spiritual temple. Form a holy priesthood to make spiritual sacrifices who are pleasing to God, thanks to Jesus Christ.)
– I think the gray one is dead!
– I recently went back to my parental home, it had shrunk!
– They all live for me!
– When stones die, they become sand, so the smallest one is dead
!– That one doesn’t really have a shadow and dead people also have no shadow.